[BBGW] how to use wifi while using softAP

  1. Using wpa_cli
    Add this script to the bb-wl18xx-wlan0

  2. Using NetworkManager
    1. install network-manager
    2. add wifi interface
      1. add systemd service
      2. make softap.sh
      3. enable softap systemd
      4. add an access point

[BBGW] How to change Soft AP and Enable WIFI

How to change Soft AP ….


  1. install bb-wl18xx-firmware
  2. download firmware
  3. modify bb-wl18xx
  4.  add dns


[BBGW] usb gardget over internet

How to share the internet with USB gadget.


  1. BBB Side
    1. ADD Default gw
    2. ADD DNS server
    3. ADD interfaces
  2. PC SIDE
    1. ip forwarding
    2. add iptables rule