[BBGW] how to use wifi while using softAP

  1. Using wpa_cli
    Add this script to the bb-wl18xx-wlan0

  2. Using NetworkManager
    1. install network-manager
    2. add wifi interface
      1. add systemd service
      2. make softap.sh
      3. enable softap systemd
      4. add an access point

[BBGW] How to change Soft AP and Enable WIFI

How to change Soft AP ….


  1. install bb-wl18xx-firmware
  2. download firmware
  3. modify bb-wl18xx
  4.  create dnsmasq conf


[BBGW] usb gardget over internet

How to share the internet with USB gadget.


  1. BBB Side
    1. ADD interfaces
  2. PC SIDE
    1. ip forwarding
    2. add iptables rule