Yudoc Kim





To work in a position where my skills in embedded applications or device driver are utilized to the fullest extent.


I am a versatile R&D professional with 6years experience in conceptualization and development of microprocessor-based products and solutions. I have specialized in security Micom application such as MAXQ1850, Designing and developing thermal printer, handling all most peripherals IPs such as UART, SPI, IIC, etc. and handling DSP such as TI C66x, TDAXX, Analog Device BF60x for Computer Vision


Aiincoporated, Embedded Software Engineer, Toronto, On, Canada(Dec 2017 ~ Now)

  • Making a vacuum robot.

IENSO, Embedded SW/FW Designer,  Richmond Hill, On, Canada(Jun 2017 ~ Nov 2017)

  • Customized V4L2(Video for Linux 2) and Linux Kernel driver
  • Developed IOT application running on the embedded Linux (using C and Ruby)

Cammsys Corp, Assistant Engineer, Seoul, Republic of Korea (July 2015 ~ Jan. 2017)

  • Designed and developed embedded software such as driving assistance system for cars
  • Designed and developed related peripheral drivers for the system such as Camera Sensor, EEPROM, SPI Flash, CAN and etc using DMA, ISR, pulling method
  • Implemented UDS(Unified Diagnostic Service) with CAN (ISO 14229)
  • Ported LD(Line Detection), VD(Vehicle Detection) Algorithm into a DSP

ShinHeung Precision Co.,Ltd, Associate Research Engineer, Seoul, Republic of Korea (April. 2013 ~ June. 2015)

  • Designed and developed embedded software platform such as ECR(Electronic Cash Register) and Thermal printer
  • Designed and developed related peripheral drivers for the platform using DMA, ISR, pulling method
  • Designed and developed application working on the PC using C#
  • Designed and developed Secure firmware using MAXQ1852 Secure MCU
  • Developed secure module on the Android ECR application
  • Used FreeRTOS( http://www.freertos.org )

Global HST, Software Engineer, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Jan 2012 ~ Mar 2013)

  • Designed and developed gateway firmware on an emergency helper system for elderly people living alone in national projects


Compilers / Editors:

  • IAR C compiler, Keil C debugger environment, Eclipse width GCC, Visual Studio

Software Control packages

  • SVN, GIT

Programming Languages:

  • C, C++, Assembly Languages, and C#, Ruby

Microprocessors / Microcontrollers / DSP

  • Intel: 8051;
  • Maxim: MAXQ1852(Secure micom)
  • Renesas: M16C/30, Rx631
  • Arm: cortex-m0, m3, m4
  • TI: TDA2X (Cortex-A15, Cortex-M4, C66x DSP, EVE include)
  • Analog Device: BF60x(DSP)

Object-Oriented programming

  • C#, JAVA, C++, Ruby

Operation System

  • TI SYS/BIOS, FreeRTOS, Linux


Dankook University, Cheonan, Republic of Korea (Mar 2006 ~ Aug 2012)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering


Trail Camera

  • Camera driver modifies to reduced taking picture time for embedded Linux Kernel.
  • Design and make Application using Ruby
  • Jun 2017 ~ Nov 2017

FVCS (Front Vehicle Camera System)

  • Designed and made BSP for KEA128(Cortex-M3), BF609 (DSP)
  • Ported LD, VD Algorithm
  • Implemented UDS(Unified Diagnostic Services)
  • We used OpenCV for Unit Test on the PC
  • Feb 2016 – Jan 2017

CAN-SIM(CAN Gateway)

  • Designed and Made BSP and HAL for CAN SIM
  • Nov 2016 – Dec 2016

HD SVM (Surround View Monitor)

  • Ported TI BSP and Framework for TDA2X
  • Implemented Surround view Algorithm to the TI Framework
  • Ported TI SYS/BIOS (RTOS for TI)
  • Jul 2015 – Jan 2016

Linux Kernel Study

  • This group is studied Linux kernel with line by line
  • Apr 2014 – Apr 2016

Low cost ECR(Electronic Cash Register)

  • Real-time OS ported (FREE RTOS)
  • Designed and developed Thermal Printer Device driver
  • Designed and developed multitasking application
  • Dec 2014 – Mar 2015

ECR(Electronic Cash Register)  Platform

  • Redesigned and implemented device driver and HAL
  • Fat32 and QR code library ported
  • Restructured the platform software
  • Aug 2013 – Dec 2014


  • Designed and developed communication part
  • TCP/IP, Serial Class and communication class designed using Marshalling and un Marshalling
  • used C#
  • Sep 2014 – Dec 2014

ECR(Electronic Cash Register)  with Turkey Fiscal

  • Developed thermal printer board
  • Developed and designed Security board
  • Developed and designed Android application module that communication sub board to android board
  • Implemented SAM Card driver
  • Developed security application module with RSA, ECDSA, DES, AES
  • Oct 2013 – Jun 2014

ECR(Electronic Cash Register) with Greece Fiscal

  • Implemented GRPS Module Driver for the firmware
  • Apr 2013 – Oct 2013

Emergency Helper System for Elderly people living alone – 2012 – 2013(Ministry of Health and Welfare Korea)

  • designed and developed gateway connecting sensors such as PIR, fire, gas, etc, to m2m server
  • Jan 2012 – Mar 2013